VSCode vs Intellij Julia support

I’ve started using Intellij with the Julia plugin 0.4.2, and it’s missing important functionality. Progress on that plugin has been slow and it looks like JetBrains doesn’t really care about it.

The good news is that the code completion, syntax highlighting, and indentation all work. The bad news is that the debugger doesn’t work and plotting while running from within Intellij isn’t supported even if I use the -i Program Argument. I can get plotting by running my code in a terminal in Intellij with “julia -i mycode.jl” so that is only a minor issue. But not having the debugger is a serious miss.

I use Intellij all the time for other languages and so I want to use it for Julia. But at some point I’m really going to want a good debugger. Does the debugger and plotting work in VSCode?

Is the Julia support in VSCode complete, or are there large gaps of missing functionality?

Sometimes vscode shows invalid warnings, in particular if you use macros like with Jump.
And it also often does not find symbols in local, unpublished packages.
Otherwise it works fine.

For details, see: Issues · julia-vscode/julia-vscode · GitHub

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