How can I view the whole command history?



How can I view the whole list of commands used on Visual Studio Code + Julia?
I’m not able to find that option.
I can just use the arrows to slowly navigate through than commands on the REPL.


CRTL+R should let you search through the history. Type something and up-arrow should only show stuff which started with those letters. The full history is in the ~/.julia_history file, at least for Julia 0.6.


It moved to ~/.julia/logs/repl_history.jl in 1.0.


on my Spanish keyboard Ctrl+R doesn’t show the history.
It shows this box


And how can you view its content from VS Code?

After you mentioned repl_history I’ve found this question on stackoverflow

It seems we don’t have a dedicated window on VS Code to view the history as we do on RStudio or other applications.


You can just open the file. It’s a plain text file.


You know I don’t mean that.


I don’t—that’s how I view it. I also don’t use an IDE.

Is there an easy way to get at the history of REPL input?