How can I search for help of a function on all Julia packages simultaneously?

Is there any way to find the help about a function if I don’t if know what package contains the function?
I mean searching on Julia base and all packages altogether? Kind of centralized help.

Sometimes I try to study Julia code found on the Internet but I can’t find information about some function by searching on because the command belongs to a package, I don’t know which one but I need to look at its specific doc site.

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No, but would be good to have. Regular search engines should work pretty well, and leads you to the correct package 9/10 times.

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apropos("findthis") can be pretty handy for things in the standard library

I’ve tried but it seems it only finds information on the packages you already have installed.

There is no centralized place you can search all packages. We do, however, have a tentative plan to create such a service for free for the open source Julia ecosystem.


When I don’t know which package in the Julia Standard Library contains a particular function, I go to the Julia stdlib source code page on GitHub and search “this repository” for that function. In most cases the first search results point to the package that contains the function.

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