Adding Julia itself to juliahub?

I (re-)discovered juliahub to search also for help and code snippets.

But then I wondered why the biggest package (Julia itself) seems not be included.
Could the owner add it? - That would make a nice help interface.

The ? help is command-line based and hovering over a function in VS Code stays in the small window.
Are there other means to browse/search all Julia help texts?

Julia itself is not a package - it’s “just” a compiler. Are you thinking about the packages from the standard library? They’re documented in the manual (check the left hand side, under “Standard library”).

You can also use text search in the REPL via ?"text".

I meant the standard library, indeed.

The manual is searchable, true, just liked the juliahub search interface.

The REPL “” search looks like

help?> "write"

Not sure what you mean – Julia itself is definitely on JuliaHub:

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Right, searching for “write” I had to scroll further down - helpful, thx!