How are the notifications scheduled to be sent out?

Notifications about replies and such arrive in my mailbox with considerable delay (many hours), and in apparently random order. I wonder: is it just me, or is something wrong with the discourse notification mechanisms?

We have our settings here configured to send emails 5 minutes after posting a public message and immediately after DMs, but I’m guessing that — as a hosted instance — Discourse Inc either batches up emails and/or staggers sending them out.

Just to confirm: do the times logged in the email headers show that they’re originating with that delay (and then being processed immediately by all intervening servers)?

For me emails usually arrive 5 minutes after a message is posted (unless I’m already in discourse and read the messages straight away, in which case no email is sent), which matches what Matt says.

I was wondering if there was a delay so that edits to your post within the 5 minute grace period for edits are reflected in the email that gets sent. So, it sounds like grace period edits will in fact be reflected in the notification email. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks all, I guess the delay occurs at my end.