Highlight point on heatmap

My goal is to highlight one specific point on a heatmap.

My attempt to achieve this using heatmap + scatter! does not show the values properly.

using Plots

XX, YY = 1:100,1:100 
ZZ = [x*y for x in XX, y in YY]
heatmap(XX,YY, ZZ, xlabel="x", ylabel="y")
scatter!([10],[10],[7000], legend=false)

Any hint how to achieve this?


You are actually plotting a 3D scatter with this call. For a 2D scatter, you want one of those or something similar:

scatter!([10], [10], zcolor=[7000], legend=false) # color of 7000 on the colorscale
scatter!([10], [10], mcolor=:white, legend=false) # white color

Thanks, zcolor works!