New Julia process every time I open VSCode

When I open VSCode, a new julia process is created and immediately takes up 600+ MB of RAM (which is 10x more than Python). That’s not so bad though. But when I close VSCode, the process keeps running with 0 CPU usage but the same RAM usage. If I open VSCode again, a new julia process is created and there goes another 600+ MB of RAM. Is this a bug? Should I just keep killing the julia processes every time I close VSCode for now?

It’a a bug. Filed for MacOS (but applies to me too on Linux, and I suppose Windows): Julia processes not terminated when VS Code is closed (macOS) · Issue #1850 · julia-vscode/julia-vscode · GitHub

Note with Atom cleanup happens as I find appropriate.

What happens is that you start VSCode and get a julia process as you would expect, then I open a terminal and you get another one. The former julia process isn’t cleaned up on exit.


Good to know. I will keep killing those pesky processes or switch to Atom.