Two small testing questions

  1. How to choose 0.6 for appveyor testing? nightly now points to 0.7
  2. Can be configured to display the highest coverage within a set of build?

See example at

No idea about your second question though. Isn’t that what Coveralls does by default?

i also thought that, but i see now in GitHub - JuliaGraphics/Cairo.jl: Bindings to the Cairo graphics library. a coverage badge of 85, while the build is (max) 89 JuliaGraphics/Cairo.jl | Build #242 | Coveralls - Test Coverage History & Statistics and 1 dedicated test is 80 only.

That’s a bug in the badge you’re seeing, maybe because of caching. I see 89% here (both in and on Coveralls).

89% here too. I have also had troubles with the coverage badges being heavily cached and taken a long time to update. Perhaps Ctrl + F5 might do the trick for you.

but hasn’t this been moved to

and similar?

The URL has just been changed, the example will probably be updated soon (like all other Julia packages).

now i’m confused.

Both commits on may 17th:


I think @staticfloat’s script missed a subset of packages. Not sure exactly what happened with it.