Help understanding CompatHelper error

A couple of days ago I begun getting errors from the CompatHelper Github action.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to fix it. Example of a failing job here:

With the relevant bit:

25l25h Resolving package versions...
ERROR: path /Users/adrian/.julia/dev/Genie for package Genie no longer exists. Remove the package or `develop` it at a new path

I assume something is referencing the dev version of the package but I can’t find any reference to that and I don’t understand iin enough detail what the action does.

By default, CompatHelper updates all of your manifests.

You have a bad manifest here:

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Ah, ok, thank you, life saver! :pray:
That’s an ooooold test, I guess it’s time to bring it up to date anyway.
It’s strange though that the error has started about a week ago, while the test has been there forever!

It only runs when there is a new compat to update.

Got it, thanks @dilumaluthge! I had given up hope on fixing this, just disabled the email notifications and hoped it would get fixed by itself eventually :slight_smile:

How did you figure it out, cause the error does not indicate the problematic manifest :-/
Looking at the output now I understand that it “mounts” the /test folder into REPO and then one basically has to dig in there?

In case you are familiar with the action in more detail, should I just remove the Manifest.toml file, as I recently begun (adding it to .gitignore now). I presume the action will still work and will just instantiate the Project.toml file?

The error messages says the manifest has a bad path: path /Users/adrian/.julia/dev/Genie for package Genie no longer exists

So I went to your repository, typed “dev” in the search bar, and scrolled through the results until I found a Manifest.toml file. It did not take very long.

Your options are to either delete the Manifest (easiest) or fix it.

In the end I went through each test and updated the them to use the latest released Genie. After a new push, all went green again! Thank you @dilumaluthge!

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