Help me write ℒ

i need to use this character (ℒ), but i don’t know how to write this symbol using the \ + tab combination, anyone?.
adding to this question, how can i obtain the appropiate command to write a symbol if i have the symbol? (i copied ℒ from wikipedia)

Type it at the help> prompt:

help?> ℒ
"ℒ" can be typed by \scrL<tab>

wow, the help command really is powerful!

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That’s so useful! Would it make sense for char info for ‘c’ to contain that information as well?

By “char info” I assume what you mean is what is printed when you evaluate a character:

julia> 'ℒ'
'ℒ': Unicode U+2112 (category Lu: Letter, uppercase)

I don’t think this should print the keyboard shortcut, because that is is a property of the REPL (and related interfaces), whereas the character display is independent of the interface.