Help in deploying docs

Hello, i am ready to publish a package.
The documentation is not deployed, although the github workflow completes successfully and the documentation build smoothly locally.

The package is here

The documentation i believe is supposed to be deplyed here, but this page is empty.

The documentation web page is supposed to be published here, but this is empty as well:

In the /settings/pages of github for the package, in the " Build and deployment" section, i instructed github to build the documentation from master/docs. Out of that, i have followed the instructions of the documentation of Documenter.jl.

What i am doing wrong?

After following the directions in, i changed in the github settings the deploying directory to “master/root” and made a release of the package. Now the page is no more empty, however all i get is the README page published in

In the github settings deploy from the gh-pages branch

thanks @grunst, that was it i guess. For some reason my doc is at …/stable instead of …/dev, but that is fine.

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