HDF5Plugins.jl: lz4, zstd, and bzip2 support for HDF5.jl

I am happy to announce the release of HDF5Plugins.jl which adds lz4, zstd, and bzip2 filter support to HDF5.jl. These are implemented by porting the original C code of the plugin glue code to Julia. The plugins register themselves with the HDF5 library upon using HDF5Plugins.

An alternative to this is to install compiled shared libraries of the HDF5 plugins implemented in C, but this will likely require overriding HDF5_jll depending on your platform due to binary compatibility needs. In contrast, HDF5Plugins.jl is implemented in Julia and thus sidesteps the binary compatibility issues.

Iā€™m in the process of merging this code into the master branch of HDF5.jl. It will likely appear in a 0.16.x release of HDF5.jl at the earliest if merged.


The package is in the process of being registered in the General Registry:

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