Hardware hackers domain?

@yakir12 - I’ll admit I’m at a bit of a stand still myself…

The way I see it is this… I think JuliaEmbedded should be it’s own thing, focussing on embedding Julia on arduinos/SBCs/whatever.

JuliaMakers should either: encapsulate JuliaEmbedded, be as orthogonal as possible, be deleted and let JuliaEmbedded expand its focus? I see it as the second option, but don’t want to impose anything.

The focus of JuliaMakers would be to support the libraries needed to do IO to/from Julia to say an Arduino/camera/etc. Also tools for making things(circuit design, cad, logic design whatever). It seems like JuliaEmbedded owns some of the serial communciation right now. Does my understanding make sense? Any input appreciated, water’s a little murky.

Alright so I put in a little time (sorry I’ve been swamped working on AnalysisWorkflows and other shtuff). I kicked of a roadmap: https://github.com/JuliaMakers/Roadmap/blob/master/README.md
If anyone has ideas for things to contribute or what they would like to see (especially @scelle) I would love to hear more.

I am done with the CAD and printing/tolerancing for the first demo project for the project’s repo. I do need to code it up and throw some wires on things but its nothing heavy duty.

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Hello. I am interested in this topic. Is there a way I can follow the GitHub organization, with some potential for contributing at some point later on?

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Can I follow this GitHub organization, potentially contribute later on?

Of course! So we now have a domain on discourse: https://discourse.julialang.org/c/domain/maker/51

and we do have a github org but its woefully underdeveloped still: https://github.com/orgs/JuliaMakers/dashboard

I have some plans for some things to do there, but gosh I am so swamped right now. Any and all contributions welcome!

Hi! You can follow Julia-Embedded

Here is the organization itself: