About the Maker category

A category to discuss embedded systems, CAD infrastructure, serial/other communications, microcontrollers, and Julia. Makers and matter hackers of all kinds are welcome.

Some of us have projects that leave the traditional computer, and end up on a single board computer, microcontroller, analog hardware, or a frankenstien construction being cooled by liquid Helium. Sometimes the project is actually in the design of these things or how to design things in general! All fine and good. Here we discuss, hooking up fancy scientific cameras, usb, bluetooth, and other devices to Julia programs. Or putting Julia programs on those devices. Or making those devices/objects via programs made in Julia!

This category distinguishes itself largely by it’s meta nature. If your post involves using a computer running julia to design a computer, circuit, object, mechanical device you’re probably in the right place. Similarly, if your post involves getting julia to run on a very different computer architecture than a modern desktop computer, or “common” SBC, this is probably also the right place. We aren’t focusing on pure mathematical problems, or handling data here. That is - unless it pertains to making a … thing.

One unique feature of this category is aside from questions, we encourage people to make interdisciplinary project posts. These can be tagged by making the title of the post begin with “[Project]”. So you can share how you used Julia to solve a problem in the maker universe. It’s encouraged these are all open source efforts, and the authors of these be willing to share/discuss their projects. But, try to focus on the Julia parts. Posts not directly pertaining to Julia, or a project related to a Julia effort, may be removed at moderator discretion.