HallThruster.jl package Simulations : issue with the tutorial and the running of the simulation

Hi, I’m currently learning and using the package HallThruster.jl wich is used for simulating Hall Thruster in 1D. A tutorial is available Home · HallThruster.jl and is well detailed and how to use the package.
At first running of the code available in this tutorial everything was fine and I was getting the same results as in the tutorial. But now (3 days later) I wanted to try again but the graphics obtained are not the right one and every of my simulation isn’t working as planned (the thruster isn’t running well, the thrust is 0.0).

I think the problem doesn’t come from the code but may be from some wrong command entered in Julia or a background system still running.

Any ideas are welcome thx.

After discussing with Thomas Marks, creator of the package HallThruster.jl he corrected a bug and updated a new version of the package (version 14.3)