New Package: GadJet.jl

Hey everyone,

I would like to announce the release of my package GadJet.jl - a package to work with simulation data from the cosmological SPH code Gadget (version 2 and 3).

You can read the binary data, write initial condition files and convert the units from internal to physical.
Additionally I provide some exact riemann solvers to get ideal solutions to standard hydro test, like Sod-shocktubes. The list of the ideal solutions will be extended over the next releases.

You can also use the package for some basic SPH-to-grid mapping and interfacing with the advanced SPH mapping codes Smac and P-Smac2.

The repository of the package can be found here:

And the documentation here:

If you also work with Gadget and would like to contribute to this package, please feel free to contact me!