Announcing the inaugural Julia Gender Inclusive hackathon!

Julia Gender Inclusive is organizing an online hackathon on Sunday, 11th December! :computer::tada: If your gender is under-represented within the Julia community, then sign up to participate here:

  • Have you always wanted to contribute to the Julia ecosystem, but weren’t sure how?
  • Do you have that one pull request that you could really use some help with?
  • Did you just start using Julia, and want advice on your projects from others?
  • Are you a long-time contributor with a never ending to-do list?
  • Do you want to meet other Julia users, package developers, and maintainers?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the hackathon is your perfect opportunity!

We’ll be hosting a GatherTown space on Sunday, 11th December from 2PM-8PM UTC / 9AM-3PM EST / 3PM-9PM CET. Links will be sent out to those who sign up, and you’re welcome to stay as long or as little as you’d like.

During the hackathon, experienced Julia users will be around to answer questions and provide guidance, including walking through the process of making your first code contribution, so beginners are very much welcome!

We also have a couple of volunteer mentors who have offered to lead specific projects, including Rachel Kurchin (@rkurchin), lead developer of the Chemellia ecosystem, and Fredrik Ekre (@fredrikekre), one of the maintainers of the Documenter.jl package, among many other packages.

As an initiative dedicated to improving gender diversity and inclusion, our hackathon is intended for those whose gender is under-represented within the Julia community (e.g. women, non-binary people, trans people of any gender, or those who are questioning). If this doesn’t describe you, but you’d like to help out as an ally by serving as a mentor, please reach out to the organizers to let us know!

Sign up at to participate, and we hope to see you at the hackathon! :slight_smile:

– The Julia Gender Inclusive Organizers
Xuan (@Xuan)
Kim Louisa Auth (@kimauth)
Rowan Shi (@rowanxshi)
Letícia Maria Pequeno Madureira (@Leticia-maria)
Julia Müller
Kyla McConnell (@kyla)


We’re happy to announce the full list of available mentors now! The mentors will be around to help out with their expertise, but of course you’re free to work on topics of your own choice as well.

Rachel Kurchin (@ rkurchin )

Fredrik Ekre (@ fredrikekre )

  • Documenter.jl; Contributions to Julia Base; Help on open source contributions in general
  • Available: In periods throughout 9AM-3PM EST
  • Suggested project: Approach & discuss personally

Valentin Churavy (@ vchuravy )

  • Julia compiler & runtime; Tooling for performance engineering e.g. Cthulhu.jl, allocation profiling; Distributed computing; GPU programming
  • Available: 10AM-3PM EST
  • Suggested project: Approach & discuss personally

Ashwani Rathee (@ ashwani-rathee )

Jacob Zelko (@ TheCedarPrince )

  • “Beginner questions”: E.g. Julia basics, setting up Julia, using git + Github, making a first PR. Also familiar with the JuliaData Ecosystem.
  • Available: 9AM-3PM EST
  • Suggested project: Approach & discuss personally