Habana Gaudi AI Processors - Julia support?

Hi, Do you think that there is any chance that Habana is going to support Julia on their processors in the future (https://developer.habana.ai/) or is it rather very unlikely?

This seems more a question for Habana rather than the Julia community.
Probably a question for their forums: https://forum.habana.ai :slight_smile:

I took part in the intro meeting about Habana Gaudi today and asked similar question there. They did not exclude it. As the topic and the presentation was interesting I decided to ask also here as it seems that the new, interesting tech is coming from all various sides. :slight_smile:

Basically one would need to either have an C API or be able to leverage LLVM to compile to it, not sure how they make their other frontends work but that’s the gist of it.

I did some additional thinking. Actually, there might be potentially some other than only technical forces determining willingness of any side to leverage new hardware options. After todays presentation my understanding is that Habana technology looks interesting, however, IMO it is still early to judge long term market position now. In general, it would be cool to have access to new technology options that are coming into play - it seems to be very interesting time for computing in general.