Gurobi not running the right version?

I’ve installed the latest version of gurobi solver (9.5.0) and reinstalled the Gurobi package.
When I try to solve a ILP model, it seems that the gurobi solver is still using a previous version (9.1.2).
Did I miss something?

Academic license - for non-commercial use only - expires 2022-12-03
Warning for adding constraints: zero or small (< 1e-13) coefficients, ignored
Gurobi Optimizer version 9.1.2 build v9.1.2rc0 (linux64)

Did you set GUROBI_HOME appropriately when reinstalling Gurobi.jl?

You can also rerun"Gurobi") to force the rebuild.

Thanks for the tip.
I got my answer when building:

Gurobi.jl only supports the following versions:
 - gurobi91
 - gurobi90

I guess we have to wait until the Gurobi.jl package will be updated.

Gurobi.jl has been updated. You just need to update your packages. You need Gurobi.jl v0.10.1

Many thanks, it works now.

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