Gurobi.jl after switching to 702


after refreshing my Gurobi installation to 702 i get the error ‘error compiling #GurobiMathProgModel#8: error compiling Type: could not load library “gurobi65” The specified module could not be found.’ when running the example

using JuMP, Gurobi

# pass params as keyword arguments to GurobiSolver
m = Model(solver=GurobiSolver(Presolve=0))

@variable(m, x >= 5)
@variable(m, y >= 45)

@objective(m, Min, x + y)
@constraint(m, 50x + 24y <= 2400)
@constraint(m, 30x + 33y <= 2100)

status = solve(m)
println("Optimal objective: ",getobjectivevalue(m), 
    ". x = ", getvalue(x), " y = ", getvalue(y))

I am working on Windows, environment variable GUROBI_HOME is set and working. Any ideas what might cause this problem? I reinstalled both Gurobi and Gurobi.jl.

Try"Gurobi"). Reinstalling Gurobi.jl doesn’t do what you think it does.

Uff, I see - thanks!