GtkReactive GUI with a plots.jl image

I have an array of pixels called points starting as follows:
points: HSV{Float64}[HSV{Float64}(94.21025111030258,0.8823529411764706,1.0) HSV{Float64}(95.58982630472542,0.8823529411764706,1.0) ……

I want it to look like the following image, obtained by “img2 = testimage(“lighthouse”)”
RGB{FixedPointNumbers.Normed{UInt8,8}}[RGB{N0f8}(0.361,0.486,0.6) RGB{N0f8}(0.349,0.475,0.588) ……

I tried: img3 = RGB.(points) which converted the array to RGB but not UInt8,8
img3: RGB{Float64}[RGB{Float64}(0.496908071907315,1.0,0.11764705882352944) RGB{Float64}(0.47662020140109673,1.0,0.11764705882352944) ….

What should my img3 = RGB command look like?

My situation:
The points array is a Mandelbrot subplot that nicely displays using the following commands:
plt = plot(points); # using Plots and gr()
img = display(plt)

However, my goal is to enhance the image (title, axis, etc.) using plots and then use the following GtkReactive code (from example imageviewer.jl) to display and interact with it:

c = canvas(UserUnit)
win = Window(c)
zr = Signal(ZoomRegion(img3)) # this is where img3 fails, but img2 works great
zoomsigs = init_zoom_rubberband(c, zr)
imgsig = map(zr) do r
cv = r.currentview
view(plt, UnitRange{Int}(cv.y), UnitRange{Int}(cv.x))
redraw = draw(c, imgsig) do cnvs, image
copy!(cnvs, image)
set_coordinates(cnvs, value(zr))

Long range: modify the above code to recompute points using the rubberband info, and eventually add some gui widgets for further interactions.