Makie - How do I create an image from a HSV matrix of pixels?

I am converting my Mandelbrot display/interactions program from using GtkReactive/ImageView to Makie.

In my GtkReactive/ImageView version my HSV array is defined as
points = Array{HSV{Float64},2}(undef, y_size, x_size)
and I use
img = n0f8.(RGB.(points)) # to get the image.

How do I do this in Makie? The only way I have found thus far is to add
using ImageView, Images and the following code:
img = n0f8.(RGB.(points))
image(f1[2, 1:2], img’, axis = (aspect = DataAspect(), yreversed = true, title = “Mandy_03’”,))

Is this the way to go, using ImageView/Images?
or is there a better way to go?
I would like to get the same type of image as when I use the following command:
img1 = load(“1290x1000,3p0.png”)