GSoC 2017 Fixed-size arrays with SIMD support


I would like to know more about the problem of “Fixed-size arrays with SIMD support”. I am writing so late, because I have written you about the project “Ensure that Julia runs smoothly on the current large HPC systems”, but have not got any response.
I have got acquainted with the data about this project and, it seems to me, it would be great idea to take both packages and try to combine them. I would take as a basis ImmutableArrays, and then add there missing opportunities from FixedArrays and FlexibleArrays. Then I add SIMD support. Finally I need to make sure that all this works correctly with standard types.
What can you advice to me?
Looking forward to your reply,
Anton Gavrikov


Are you aware of StaticArrays?


As I understand all of this have already done in this package. What can I do for this project?