[ANN] HybridArrays.jl: arrays with both static and dynamic axes

I’ve made HybridArrays.jl, an extension to StaticArrays.jl that makes it easier to work with arrays that have both statically and dynamically sized axes. It should be as fast (or almost as fast) as Arrays of SArrays where both approaches work but HybridArrays should generate efficient code in any scenario (setindex!, getindex, broadcasting) where the size of affected part of an array can be statically determined. Additionally, it can wrap any AbstractArray and operations that are not supported by HybridArrays.jl can by forwarded to the wrapped object.

To make things even easier, the package contains an implementation of statically sized views. The package is currently used as a backend for the power manifold from Manifolds.jl.


Version 0.3.7 was just tagged, now with improved compatibility with the DiffEq ecosystem. Here we can see > 20x speedup with generic implicit solvers that don’t work with Arrays of SArrays, just by wrapping an array in HybridArray: https://github.com/SciML/ArrayInterface.jl/issues/58 .