GSoC 17: Middlewares for common web application chores in Mux.jl



Hello everyone !

I am very interested to participate in GSoC 2017 by contributing to Julia with the above mentioned project. I have raised an issue in the Mux.jl package to discuss the details of the project. I have listed the features and functionalities that I think are required in the package.

It would be great if others could take a look and give their inputs. Thanks in advance.

Also, I have made two pull requests for the Mux.jl package with some questions related to testing etc. But it has been quite some time without any help there. Please take a look at that, too.



I have shared my proposal for participating in GSoC 2017 on its official website. My display name is - Sarvjeet Ghotra. Please give your valuable inputs to improve it.

Here is the link to the proposal.

Thanks in advance.


Have been couple of days now since I have uploaded my proposal, haven’t got any input/comment yet. Less than 2 days are left to the deadline. Please give your valuable inputs.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: