GraphsMakie, not working correctly

Hello, I’m trying to run this code on my computer(HP Z1 2012):

using WGLMakie, GraphMakie, Graphs, #Makie - doesn't work if in or not.
g = complete_graph(10)

A simple code, that(I think should just create a simple graph), it’s my first time using it, but gives just a white screen. I have seen that you can’t use Makie without GPU, so I’m using WGMakie. Is that a problem?

Seems to be working fine for me. Are you doing this in a terminal REPL, or IJulia/Pluto/VScode/Juno or some other environment? Depending on the environment you might automatically get a visualization, or you might need to do some setup yourself. For instance, the aforementioned coding environments usually know how to display visually a plot (they need to support the display methods of the plotting library being used). If you are just using the terminal REPL, some plotting libraries would just open a new window with the plot (WGLMakie would open a browser window).

Also, if you just want static plots, CairoMakie might be a better/simpler choice.

I’m using REPL in Visual Studio Code, I need interactivity, so can’t use CairoMakie. It doesn’t open a browser window.