GR interactivity in Pluto

I have found this post

I have downloaded the example notebook pluto_ex.jl

But I got this error

UndefVarError: init_pluto not defined

in this cell

	ENV["GRDISPLAY"] = "pluto"
	using GR
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I can’t help with that error but I will point out that Plotly interactivity (panning, zooming, etc.) does work within Pluto and in exported html files from Pluto. I use it is as follows:

    using Plots
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Which GR run-time version are you using? Please try to update and rebuild GR:

ENV["GRDIR"] = ""
] build GR

Not sure if it’s just a different manifestation of the same error reported by the OP, but what I get is a popup:

I did try the suggestion above to rebuild GR.

GR is the default plotting backend for Plots.jl and this works fine in Pluto for me.
Plus I can switch to Plotly if interactivity is needed.

Is there any advantage to use GR.jl directly, e.g. functionality not available over Plots.jl?

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GR v0.51.0

after GR rebuild the error is still there

Support for Pluto was introduced in GR 0.51.2. Please update GR to 0.52.0 …

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GRUtils hold my GR version back.

Now I have 0.52.0 version. Unfortunately, I have now this error:

JSTerm (GR) not initialized. Run GR.js.init_pluto() at the end of a codecell

That’s strange. When I downgrade Pluto to v0.11.14 ( ] add Pluto#v0.11.14 ) it works. There must be something different in v0.12.4. We have to checks this …

@fonsp: Any idea where to start?

Hi, this should be already solved.

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The problem should be fixed in GR#master. Thanks to @mteser.

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Good to hear! @jheinen would you like to call sometime about further Plots.jl + pluto integration?


Thanks for the fix. Any chance to get it working in VS Code plot pane?

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