Google Summer of Code 2019: Planarity algorithms for LightGraphs.jl

I am Sai Harsh, an MS by Research student at IIIT-Hyderabad and my research domain is Graph metrics algorithms, currently doing a research internship at the University of Valencia, Spain.
I read about Planarity algorithms for LightGraphs.jl and interested to work for it as it’s related to my research work.

Could anyone suggest how, to begin with, it?
Yes, I could algorithm is planarity testing what else is expected to do and with whom I can discuss related to this project?

Thanks & Regards,


A proposal for planarity algorithms certainly has to be fleshed out a bit. It has been a while since I looked at planarity algorithms, so the entry on the project page is not that detailed. Of course you can/should also suggest your own ideas on what can be done.

Maybe drop by on the #graphs slack channel so we can discus more?

Thanks for the quick response, I will ping on slack with some popular planarity algorithms.