Graph processing framework

Hi everyone,

I am new to Julia as of my final university project. I have been tasked with creating a graph processing framework similar to the Ligra API in C++. Does anybody have any tips or ideas? I have been looking over Ligra and LightGraphs.jl as it has many of the same algorithms (such as BFS, bellman-ford etc) but I’m a little lost :confused:

Any help is much appreciated!

Can you elaborate on why this is your final project? Is it essentially a “homework assignment?” If so, you’ll get more help if you ask specific questions about obstacles you encounter as you progress—it’s not fair to just ask the community an open-ended question which basically reads as “can someone do my homework for me?”

But if your final project is meant to be something bigger—contribute functionality that could be used by others, for example—then the question becomes “why not just use LightGraphs”? Until you identify a solid reason not to, it would be rather counterproductive to start developing something from scratch to compete with a widely-admired, capable, well-developed, and high-performance framework.


Hi Tim, thank you for your reply.

I guess my post was naïve, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It’s a final university project quite like a dissertation in many courses. The aim is to implement the Ligra API natively into Julia. I will take your response on board for identifying reasons around Lightgraphs.

I’m not looking anyone to do this for me, I just felt lost.