Problems plotting a simple graph

For some reason I can’t produce a plot of a graph from LightGraphs.jl using GraphPlot.jl. I’m quite new to Julia so not sure what else to try.

using LightGraphs
using GraphPlot

sg = complete_digraph(3)

I just receive a method error

MethodError: no method matching spring_layout(::SimpleDiGraph{Int64})

If someone could point me in the right direction for a solution I would be very grateful.

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Recently, LightGraphs.jl moved to Graphs.jl.
Perhaps that has something to do with this error (didn’t have a chance to test right now)?
I would suggest using Graphs in place of using LightGraphs to see if this works easily.

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The package Graphs.jl doesn’t seem to work at all.

using Graphs

g = simple_graph(3)

Just returns (same with other graph generators )

UndefVarError: simple_graph not defined

I think it’s this:

using Graphs

g = SimpleGraph(3)

Did you manage to resolve this @Mark_Williams ?
I am stuck with the same issue now

yes you just change the LightGraphs into Graphs and it will work. I try OpenStreetMapX.jl that uses LightGraphs and using Graphs will work