Google friendly removed functions list

I’m a pretty new user to Julia, and I usually google how to do things in Julia. The problem is that most of google answers are several versions old that uses functions that are deprecated and removed.

For example I search on google

julia floating point binary representation

and one of the answers suggested me to use num2hex, and when I tried it there is UndefVarError, and more googling shows that num2hex is deprecated without any clear replacement function. Fortunately when I google it again now the first results shows that I can use bitstring function, but then there are more functions that are removed, such as linspace.

Is there a page where it lists removed functions and suggest alternatives?

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Concerning your question, Julia 0.7 was a transitory release, with all the deprecation announcements, here are the list of deprecated functions and alternatives:
in particular, num2hex(2.2) is replaced by reinterpret(UInt64, 2.2)

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