Instruction for code modification requred by Julia version-up

Dear experienced Julia users,

I have been using JuliaPro version Today I have just tried JuliaPro version I had to modify my codes for version as follows.

dec —> string
find —> findall
Array{Int}(0,2) —> Array{Int}(undef,0,2)

I wonder if there is any list of instructions for code modification required by Julia version-up.

Thank you for your consideration.

If you are prepared to use the regular Julia binary (instead of JuliaPro) v0.7 was made with this specifically in mind. Code from 0.6 will run, but it will give you deprecation warnings and tell you how to updated it so that it works on 0.7/1.0 (the two are identical except that 1.0 removes deprecation warnings): PSA: use Julia 0.7 if you are upgrading

If you don’t want to use the regular Julia binaries, for the 0.7.0 release contains a list of all the deprecated functions, and what they have been replaced with:


Thank you for your reply.
As for my codes using find or findall, JuliaPro version 1.0 was much faster than JuliaPro version 0.6. I thought version 1.0 was very good. But, before I read your reply, I had been afraid that Julia’s function names etc. might change without so much care. Now I am very glad to know the existence of version 0.7 and related Web pages.
Thank you.