Missing functions in v1


I’ve recently installed Julia v1, but I already found some useful functions for me that are missing. These were present in v0.6 but I cannot find these or similar one in v1.
These functions are
hex : convert an integer to a hexadecimal string
Bin : convert an integer to a binary string
Linerange : create an n element vector from a to b

Could you tell me if these function have just been deleted or are they present in external package from now or will they be reintegrated in a future release?

I find this very strange that these functions are missing and I am afraid that I will find more missing functions in the future…

Thanks in advance

You should use julia v0.7 to update your codes, since it gives deprecation warnings that can clarify what changes are necessary in your code.

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There has never been a function called linerange, by the way. You are perhaps thinking of linspace, which is now called range.

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As others pointed out, using Julia 0.7 will give you all the hints you need.

Nevertheless, here is what happened to hex:

julia> hex(42)
┌ Warning: `hex(n)` is deprecated, use `string(n, base=16)` instead.
│   caller = top-level scope
└ @ Core :0

and bin:

julia> bin(23)
┌ Warning: `bin(n)` is deprecated, use `string(n, base=2)` instead.
│   caller = top-level scope
└ @ Core :0

And linspace as DNF pointed out is renamed to range:

julia> linspace(5, 23)
┌ Warning: `linspace(start, stop)` is deprecated, use `range(start, stop=stop, length=50)` instead.
│   caller = top-level scope
└ @ Core :0

Can we put a running or static banner on the home page of site to guide the user informing them to migrate first to version 0.7 before they proceed to version 1.0.

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The download page very strongly pushes v1. 0, and the front page simply says “Download v1. 0” instead of “Downloads”.

At the top of the downloads page, maybe there should be a section called “Which version should I get?”

The silent preponderance of people using Julia are new to it and have no expectations from older versions. We do, however, need to update all the documentation and tutorial material out there.


Can the change-log of v0.7 bee added to the documentation itself? IMHO it would be useful

Thanks everybody it is more clear for me.

I’ve installed v0.7 to test these…

Actually, yes, I was thinking about linespace (it was late for me…).