GLMakie : record with high resolution?

The maximum resolution for recording seems to be bounded by the size of my screen.

grid = zeros(2000, 2000)
fig = Figure(resolution=(2000, 2000))
ax = Axis(fig[1, 1], aspect=DataAspect())
hm = heatmap!(ax, grid)
record(fig, "renderlines.mp4", 1:500; framerate=30) do i
    grid[1:10:2000, i] .= 1
    grid[i, 1:10:2000] .= 1
    hm[3][] = grid

The preceding code yields:

Not all lines are displayed but they appear when we zoom in the GLMakie interactive window.

The recording inherits the resolution imposed by the screen (image 1). Is there a way to increase the resolution to see all lines clearly ?