GLMakie.jl - Font/graphics displaying incorrectly on M1 (ubuntu parallels) in GL window

Hi all,

I was curious if anyone has had this graphical issue before or perhaps has any other insight as to what could be wrong. The GL window should be displaying crisper fonts/lines. It displays correctly in CairoMakie. My guess is it might have something to do with the way parallels deals with graphics or maybe it does not have access to certain fonts or graphics libraries.

I moved to using ubuntu parallels because Makie was throwing a mysterious seg fault at me when trying to display the axis in M1 Monterrey. Parallels seems to be more stable, but there is this display issue.

That looks like an M1 GPU driver issue to me.
What GLMakie version do you use?

I recommend building julia master from source. Two important issues (frequent segfaults and threads deadlocks) are fixed there.

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@sdanisch It is GLMakie 0.5.2

@giordano Yes, I had tried reinstalling julia, but just one of the prebuilt binaries. I rebuilt it to the nightly version and it works beautifully now on native M1 Monterrey.

Thank you!