Gitlab instead of github



Is there a way to use gitlab instead of github? If so how exactly? Can I get all the perks with the easy CI, test coverage, requirements, etc that exists with github?


I do use a gitlab server for many private repositories, I also use our department CI bot integrated with gitlab. It took some effort to get going, but now I have it generate documentation and running test for me. Pkg.update works as expected


Sheesh, sounds complicated. Wonder if Pkg3 will make all that magically happen


I do have a public gitlab repository here

The Readme even contains some instructions on how to setup CI and documentation generation, only downside is it’s written in Swedish :flushed:


Vilken tur!


The CI bot had some helpful instructions that got us going. I’m not sure how much of the project settings you can see, but it might be straightforward to more or less copy our settings to use as a starting point


Thanks a lot. I’m mostly after the CI and test coverage. But if this isn’t gonna immediately work I might just sacrifice gitlab’s privacy for github’s ease of use… Thank you though!