Using Opensource hosting repo instead of GitHub

i see nobody using gitlab,
Could i fork and make copy of all your work on Gitlab (opensource code hosting framework).

I would like to see GitHub - JuliaLang/julia: The Julia Programming Language project would available in Gitlab too.
I’ve found Gitlab does too plays with politics than freedom . Github and gitlab are politics than opensource freedom.
Would source code of julia be moved or used anywhere than Github?

Yes, you can, see the license for JuliaLang/julia.


:slight_smile: Thank you. I did know that.
Internally I was trying to say different. But anyway .

For interest there are currently 15 registered packages that are hosted on GitLab.

A surprisingly varied mix of people:

Plus a bunch from the Brane project.
(Who do something to do with bitcoin?)


That’s cool, I didn’t know that project hosted on GitLab could be registered in general registry!

Is it also possible for self-hosted instances of GitLab or other platforms (such as Gitea)?

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Invenia’s private registry is loaded up with packages on ourself hosted GitLab.
It uses basically the same tech under the hood as the General Registry.

Should be yes.
It just needs to be git.

The Pkg team (well @StefanKarpinski ) has also indicated they would be open to PRs adding support for other version control systems; and that it would not be incredibly hard.
(Some of the design considerations were apparently made with intent to be a bit agnostic)


It is technically possible to register a package in the General registry so long as it is accessible permanently, on any git repository, over git+ssh and https. However, a lot of the automation is not available for anything other than Github (and a smaller amount for Gitlab), so you’ll have to do things manually. As of today, there are 16 project on the registry that are hosted on gitlab. No other git host is currently represented.

With self hosted git, there is a concern around availability. So that needs to be taken into account when registrering such a package. You’ll probably have to convince registry maintainers about your uptime.




Maybe you didn’t look close enough, quite a few people are. I find it has a lot of nice features: self-hosted runners, auto merge when CI passes, and CI for private repos.

If the license allows this, you can always make a copy — most Julia packages are MIT or similar.

But I am not quite sure what the point of the exercise is.


If I’m not mistaken, self-hosted runners and CI for private repositories also are available on GitHub. For me, GitLab’s mail advantages over GitHub are password protected websites (Pages), setting timezone for cron schedules, and all kinds of settings which GitHub seems to have hidden away or not implemented.


It’s true.

For reference here are some of the tools that are available for GitLab.

Julia TagBot for GitLab

Written in python and hosted on github :joy:

Registrator Web Interface / JuliaHub

I am not sure if JuliaHub uses the Registrator web interface with new CSS, or if it has its own system.
But there is a web interface for Registrator that can be self-hosted and works with GitHub and GitLab.
And JuliaHub supports both.

Off of github/gitlab I think you can use RegistryTools.jl to generate the changes to a registry for an arbitary repo so you can PR the registry directly (though you will need to ask for manual merge).
I wouldn’t be suprised if @GunnarFarneback had some nicer front end

Probably GitHub - triscale-innov/RegistryCLI.jl: Manage private Julia registries from the command-line can do it if you point it at a clone of the General Registry (rather than a private one)


RegistryTools is not really for end users and yes, I can offer the LocalRegistry package for a friendly interface that is agnostic to git hosting services.


Yes, and they’re free (with Azure Pipelines instead you have to pay and it’s quite interesting, also because GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines are very similar under many aspects)

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I was internally trying to say because of these points


A pragmatic reason for putting public projects on gitlab instead of github is their attitude to privacy. Most notably, github shows a feed of all public activities of each user without any option to hide it. This would be completely fine and expected from social network like facebook, but not from a code hosting website. I’m even a bit surprised that only 15 registered julia packages use gitlab.
The above applies to public repos only, because activity in private ones obviously doesn’t show anywhere.


I think that these choices are best left to the authors/maintainers and significant contributors of a project.

Preaching GNU as an outsider, even with the best intentions, may just come across as noise.


Things became different when Politics plays on opensource/freedom world.

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