[ANN] CompatHelper.jl v3: now supports GitLab!

Hi all,

Just wanted to announce that CompatHelper.jl v3 is out and now supports GitLab! You can now have an automated way to keep your package dependencies up-to-date if you’re using both the public or a private version of GitLab.

Check out the README in the package for an example of how to set up a CI job. If you have any questions regarding GitLab support feel free to create an issue and tag either @fchorney or myself (@mattBrzezinski)!

This package was completely re-written, so keep an eye out on any issues which may arise! Note the did drop support for Pkg server registries. Most users should not notice any changes with v3 however, feel free to stay on v2 if you do need it.

Big thank you to @dilumaluthge and @christopher-dg for providing support! :blue_heart:


  • Matt

But, how do you keep your compat helper script up to date?

The GitHub Actions workflow you mean? You can either:

  • Live your life on the edge and set the version to latest (don’t recommend)
  • Manually update from 2 to 3

I’m chatting w/ @fchorney now on getting some way to automatically update an entire orgs workflow so it’s less of a tedious process.

For GitHub repositories, MassInstallAction.jl can do this.

For example, it can upgrade CompatHelper to version 3 across all repositories in an organization.

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