Github display of Julia Jupyter notebooks is currently broken

I am not sure where to ask help for this issue, I am trying my luck here.

For the past few months, I have been using to display Jupyter Notebooks REPORT.ipynb using the Julia language.

The backend worked like a charm until yesterday.

In the time being, I am putting a link to manually render the notebook on REPORT.ipynb on nbviewer.

Since Python Notebooks are working fine, I was wondering if it was just Julia causing the issue.

What would be the solution for to allow Julia back on their platform to display Jupyter Notebooks?


Julia Jupyter Notebooks no longer supported by github backend #106876

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HI and welcome to the Julia forum :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate a bit what you mean here by “no longer working” or “no longer supported” – maybe with screenshots of what you expect and what you see?

The main difference for me between the nbvieer and the GitHub version seems to be that GitHub has a dark mode, nbviewer does not, but besides that I can not really spot the difference or what you are missing.


This is what I see:

and this is what I would like to see:

Notebook Cells are no longer evaluated.

I am not sure what’s wrong

Thanks for any help

You should complain to Github. I’m not sure how we can help.

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Thanks for confirming, I did submit a ticket.

I was not aware they ever evaluated, for now I only ever saw evaluated notebooks (Jupyter notebooks with saved output cells) to be displayed, but then you had run them locally upfront and just also pushed the output cells.

As mentioned before, that would be an issue with GitHub, but unrelated to Julia. I personally would be surprised if they would evaluate notebooks and would assume they would just display evaluated cells (you ran locally and saved), similar to them displaying the [1] numbers of cell order.

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I don’t think they evaluate. Anyhow, the printing of the code cells is now garbled up.
@setrar Is it possible to follow/support your ticket? If so, do you have a link?

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Yeah the main issue I see is that line breaks are ignored

There also used to be syntax highlighting. Probably they just broke their Julia syntax-highlighting mode with a recent update … hopefully it can get quickly fixed or reverted.

Can you link your ticket here?

I’ve also submitted a ticket #2590265 … it would be good to cross-reference them.

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Ah, yeah, I also mistook evaluuationand display in my last post. The display seems indeed to have a bug.

Here is my ticket: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

In the meantime, I am using the school’s gitlab which also comes with issues but I need to submit my reports, not sure when github will take care of the issue.

Thanks all

In the meantime I would just put the github link into — the only downside of this is that the nbviewer displays are cached, and take a few hours to update if you change the github file.

@stevengj take a few hours to update

I can’t take that chance. gitlab will do for now. Thanks for the tip

Just to give an update, the github support team acknowledges the issue and it has gone higher up.

I have escalated this to our team for investigation. We’ll let you know when this has been fixed.


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The issue is now fixed.