Ghost function surviving between package versions

Dear all,

I made a package with a function called runMCMC returning a DataFrame in version 0.2.0 and an Array in version 0.3.0 (ok, I should have upgrade to 1.0.0 but it’s quite confidential for now).

I send 0.2.0 to a friend and then 0.3.0 and after moving from folder, doing activate . in that new folder and instantiate, checking status gives 0.3.0 and while some other new functions run properly, that specific function runMCMC whose behavior changed between 0.2.0 and 0.3.0, it still returns a DataFrame

Of course, on my computer, it return an Array as expected for version 0.3.0. So it’s like every thing upgrade properly on my friend’s computer except runMCMC acting like a ghost…

What can I ask her to solve it?

If the workflow was

  1. Start Julia and load 0.2.0
  2. Copy over new package version and activate . that dir
  3. Load package again

without restarting Julia, then that’s expected behaviour – you can’t load a different version of a package if it’s already loaded.


Thank you. We’ll try this. But we actually restarted Julia.