Getting latest version of Pkg?

I am trying to migrate to Julia 0.7 and since 0.7 is releases just yesterday, some packages latest release didn’t support 0.7 but already fixed on master.

So I’ve tried to use Pkg.checkout("XLSX") but Checkout seems deprecated a long ago.

It would be nice to know a way to get a package master in Julia 0.7

Thank you!

Watch the video from juliacon on the new package manager. And the docs are quite a good read.

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I think you are looking for

pkg> add XLSX#master
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So I have to change REPL mode to fetch from the master. Thank you :slight_smile:

In addition to the REPL mode (pkg> add XLSX#master) you can use Pkg.add(PackageSpec(name = "XLSX", rev = "master")).