How `Pkg` versioning works

Hello all, I was looking through the and noticed that the Pkg code is now coming from the Pkg repo, rather than getting copied into julia or whatever it was that was happening previously.

This raised a number of questions in my mind about how the versioning of Pkg itself will work. I apologize if these have been asked already, but I did not see that anywhere.

  • Will the latest version of Pkg at the time of a julia release be the Pkg used by that version of julia by default? (e.g. v1.1.3 would be the version in Julia 1.1)
  • What’s the simplest way of upgrading Pkg independently from the Julia version? (e.g. in cases where one needs bug fixes in Pkg but the next julia is not released yet) Does it still require one to rebuild Julia?
  • Is there any way of tracking the version of Pkg from within Julia itself the way one can do this for any other package?

Thanks all.

It is like any other dependency julia uses (OpenBLAS, LLVM, Libuv etc).

Currently, you can not upgrade it independently (at least not trivially).

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