Gadfly v1.4.0 documentation

I installed Gadfly in a (new) Julia environment. The package manager status command shows it’s version v1.4.0. However, on the latest version is v1.3.4. Where can I find the v1.4.0 documentation and/or the change log?

From github it looks like version 1.4.0 is the one on the master branch, so the corresponding docs are the dev version. but I am not sure the are up to date with the changes in code, since it does look like it wasn’t fully released. so maybe its safer to go with 1.3.4, if you can?

So Gadfly v1.4 was registered (New version: Gadfly v1.4.0 by JuliaRegistrator · Pull Request #86197 · JuliaRegistries/General · GitHub), but for some reason a release tag (and v1.4 docs) didn’t generate. There’s a basic news file (Gadfly.jl/ at master · GiovineItalia/Gadfly.jl · GitHub), and for the raw changes, a commit list (Commits · GiovineItalia/Gadfly.jl · GitHub).