Funny story at Sydney meetup

I run the Sydney Julia meetup, and my company sponsors the pizzas and drinks which are provided for free to the attendees. At the last meetup, I saw two new attendees chatting with each other. I walked towards them to greet them. As I approached, one of the pair bolted out the door with a pizza dangling precariously from his mouth before I could say “hi”. I was perplexed by the behaviour. I quickly followed him out the door, but he was nowhere to be seen!

Running out of the room with half a slice of pizza in his mouth came to be how I remember that attendee. For ease of writing, I shall refer to him as “pizza guy”. And you guessed it! He was nowhere to be seen for the rest of the meetup. By the end of the meetup, I started to think that, maybe the “pizza guy” wasn’t there to attend the meetup, he just wanted a piece of pizza.

This reminded me of a meetup that I ran a few months ago and in that meetup, someone just came up to us and said “I am not part of this meetup, but do you mind if I a take a piece” and I said “Sure”. It wasn’t a big deal.

About a week later, I saw “pizza guy”'s profile picture on LinkedIn and I instantly recognised him as the guy! At that moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about how funny the situation is!


I have certainly done this a couple of times in grad school, so I do sympathize!



I think free junk food losing its appeal is one of the strongest signals that one should graduate :wink:


I live in Sydney! I’m new to Julia. Is it possible (and hopefully not rude) for me to be kept up to date with the meetups here?

I moved to Melbourne. So I have closed down the sydneey one. Maybe someone will step up and take over the organising role

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