Function imgradients does not accept keyword arguments

I am trying to get the gradient magnitude for each pixel of the image as here:

imgradients(imgF, kernelfun=KernelFactors.ando3, border="replicate")

I am getting this error:

function imgradients does not accept keyword arguments
[1] kwfunc(::Any) at ./boot.jl:237

Also is there a way to get the gradient direction similar to that in MATLAB as here.

Any help plz? Thanks!

Keyword arguments are given following a semicolon in the type signature–kernelfun and border are regular arguments with the default values ando3 and "replicate". If the documentation was accurate, calling imgradients(img) would be equivalent to calling ingredients(img, KernelFactors.ando3, "replicate"). However, the single-argument method seems to be missing:

julia> methods(imgradients)
# 2 methods for generic function "imgradients":
[1] imgradients(img::AbstractArray, kernelfun::Function) in ImageFiltering at /Users/alexames/.julia/packages/ImageFiltering/4wAwj/src/specialty.jl:501
[2] imgradients(img::AbstractArray, kernelfun::Function, border) in ImageFiltering at /Users/alexames/.julia/packages/ImageFiltering/4wAwj/src/specialty.jl:501

What you’re looking for is imedge:

using FileIO

coins = Gray.(load(""))
gy, gx, mag, ϕ = imedge(coins)

Gray.([imadjustintensity(mag) imadjustintensity(ϕ)])

Thanks a ton @stillyslalom!