Formalizing a governance structure for JuMP

Dear all,

Recently, JuMP turned eight years old. (The first commit for “Julp” was made on 10 October 2012!) It has come a long way since it’s creation as a side-project of two graduate students at MIT, and as we approach a 1.0 release, we thought it was time to formalize our governance structure.

You can find the resulting document under the Governance tab at

The highlights include:

  • Appointing Miles Lubin as our BDFL.

  • Defining entities such as the core contributors, emeritus core contributors, repository maintainers, and the Steering Committee, along with their roles, and how membership is determined for each entity.

  • Clarifying our decision-making process, by describing who gets to decide what, when.

  • Listing what Github permissions different entities have to the repositories in the jump-dev Github organization.

  • Outlining channels of community involvement, including the poorly publicized fact that we hold a monthly developer call.

  • Formalizing a process for transferring repositories to the jump-dev Github organization.

We believe this document strengthens the foundation of JuMP, and sets it up for a sustainable, long-term future.

Stay tuned for more progress!



I think this link is broken (it’s a relative URL). Perhaps you meant


Thanks! I copy-pasted from our blog and forgot to fix the link.