Finding points in a Delaunay triangulation

Hello everyone,

Is there a specific package/function that computes the id’s of the simplices that contain a given (probably large) set of points in a n-d Delaunay triangulation? Something equivalent to Matlab’s tsearchn function.

I am using the Delaunay.jl package but found no useful function.

Thank you all!

We have some search algorithms in Meshes.jl that you can take a look: Neighbor search · Meshes.jl

Currently refactoring some of these, but the stable version may already have what you need?

Check the test suite for examples of usage.

Thanks for your answer. I went through the package but didn’t find what I was looking for. Thank you anyway!!

This thread [ANN] Announcing CGAL.jl might provide some more leads.

Check locate in GitHub - JuliaGeometry/VoronoiDelaunay.jl: Fast and robust Voronoi & Delaunay tessellation creation with Julia

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I’m afraid CGAL.jl can’t provide a solution for OP’s general issue. The mappings I’ve exposed only pertain to 2D Delaunay Triangulations. More work could be done to make 3D ones available with some effort, but even then it seems too specific regarding what they’re looking for.

AFAIK CGAL does not have generic n-D Delaunay Triangulation algorithms, but it might just be a matter of exploring the plethora of packages deeper. I’d love to be proven wrong!

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