Finding features in irregular regions with OpenStreetMapX.jl

Is there a way to restrict the boundary of OpenStreetMapX.jl to irregular polygonal regions? For example, I would like to find all the public water fountains in the 11eme arrondissement of Paris. Can this be done?

Many thanks.

for me - the simplest solution for small osm data:

As I see the Overpass-API is not yet supported:

for an extra large extract - I am using osmium tool with multiple steps.

  • osmium extract --polygon POLYGON-FILE [OPTIONS] OSM-FILE
    • extract OSM data with “11e arrondissement de Paris”` polygon
  • osmium tags-filter [OPTIONS ] OSM-FILE FILTER-EXPRESSION …
    • filter amenity=fountain

OSM tagging:

for a “public” water fountain …

Alternative - with Julia <-> Python packages

Brill. That gives me a lot to work with. TVM.

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