File Delay in VSCode GUI on HPC


I am running Julia simulations on an HPC that uses slurm. I usually connect and set up my slurm run scripts using the VSCode remove development and all that works fine. I can inspect the stdout and stderr in case a simulation goes sideways.

One practical annoyance though is that there seems to be a delay between when the stdout and stderr files are generated and when they show up in VSCode file explorer (on the left side of the VSCode GUI). I can see them immediately from the terminal (via ls) but the VSCode GUI has a delay displaying them. I can force them to show up by opening them with vim but that’s not practical when I have tens of simulation runs.

They do eventually show up in the VSCode GUI but its usually minutes later.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Or ideas on how to remove the delay?

Yes it’s a pretty typical experience. There’s a refresh button in the top right hand corner (i think) of the explorer tab that let’s you force a refresh, which may help.