Failure to compile to .exe "LoadError: ArgumentError: Package Base does not have Decimals in its dependencies:"

I’m an apprentice for development working with C# and a few months ago I have been playing around with basics of Julia whenever I have some free time. I am still learning. I decided to start a small project calculating the average grade after receiving grades in school subjects. My problem is, I can’t compile it to an .exe and I am out of options. :frowning: The links lead you to the screenshots for the following details.

This is my script:

My code
using Decimals
module CalculateAverageGrade
    function _calculateAverageGrade()
        list = Array{Int}(undef,11);
        for i in 1:length(list)
            saveInput::String = "";
            validInput::Bool = false;
                saveInput = strip(readline())
                    if isempty(saveInput) || !isinteger(parse(Int8, saveInput)) || parse(Int8, saveInput) <= 0 || parse(Int8, saveInput) > 6
                        println("Fehlerhafte Eingabe. Wiederhole deine Eingabe:")
                        validInput = true;
                catch e
                    println("Fehlerhafte Eingabe. Wiederhole deine Eingabe:")
            grade::Int8 = parse(Int8, saveInput);
            list[i] = grade;
        averageGrade = decimal(sum(list) / length(list))
        println("Dein Notendurchschnitt ist: $averageGrade")

    function julia_main()

You are free to give me feedbacks how to improve the code.

From what I have learned, in order to compile a project to an .exe, the .jl file needs to be in /<Projectname>/src/. In /src needs to be the desired .jl file with the same name as the main project folder.


In the REPL, I change the directory to \julia\CalculateAverageGrade, then ], activate ., add PackageCompiler and then I get the following output:

1st Output

With import Pkg; Pkg.precompile() I get the following:

2nd Output

And finally…

julia> create_app("CalculateAverageGrade.jl", "_Compiled")
ERROR: could not find project at "CalculateAverageGrade.jl"

although I confirmed with pwd() I am in the project folder.

The REPL said I should use Pkg.resolve() or Pkg.instantiate() but this didn’t solve anything.

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Probably you should move using Decimals inside the module (see Loading package outside of main module when precompiling could have better error message · Issue #45832 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub).

Thanks for the reply. I put using Decimals below module.
However, I still get this message

ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: Package CalculateAverageGrade does not have Pkg in its dependencies:

I went back to REPL and executed using Pkg; Pkg.add("Decimals") to no avail. I get the same suggestions executing Pkg.instantiate() and Pkg.resolve() and the latter results to No changes to [...] in the REPL.

Did you activate your package’s environment before adding the dependency?

Thank you. That did the trick.
In the REPL:

activate .
(MyPackage) pkg> add <NameOfPackage>

In this case “” was “Decimals”.
Then I copied the contents of Manifest.toml into the same named file in my project folder. Lastly, I copied over the line Decimals = "<UUID>" from Project.toml to the same named file in my project folder.
Compiling my project was a success.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the error message should give the suggestion to add the necessary package with the aformentioned steps if it wasn’t done previously.